“I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life

„We are readers. Books are an essential part of our lives and of our life stories. For us, reading isn’t just a hobby or a pastime; it’s a lifestyle.“                                                                                                         – Anne Bogel

I stumbled upon this wonderful read during a Goodreads spree and I absolutely loved it. I have to admit that I had no idea who the author was, but obviously the title ”I’d rather be reading – The delights and dilemmas of the reading life“ immediately spoke to me. Also, I really love the cover.

In this delightful little book, Anne Bogel talks about the life of a bibliophile and every little detail absolutely hit home for me. I can’t remember ever feeling called out by a book this often – in the best way possible. It feels like talking to a friend, who loves books just as much as you do and who understands a lot of the little quirks that, for me, come with being a booklover. What I also realised on every page is that, yes, I am absolutely and truly in love with books and reading. It made me giddy and excited for my next read. And most of all, it really made me want to revive this blog 🙂

So if you ever feel like you need a reminder why reading is the best hobby out
there, or if you just want to enjoy reading about the experiences of a kindred
spirit, then this book is definitely for you. It really makes you remember why you
fell in love with books in the first place.

P.S.: Ever since I have read this book, I have become a big fan of Anne Bogel’s
book blog “Modern Mrs. Darcy”, as well as her podcast. It’s great, you should go
check it out.

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I like old books and I cannot lie.

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