Camden Stable Market: The best book shopping experience

So this time I’m not going to talk about a book or film I’d like to recommend to you but a place where I love to do my book shopping whenever I’m in London.
The Camden Stables Market is one of London’s most famous markets, which is also why you might not want to go there on Saturday or Sunday afternoon since there are going to be lots and lots of tourists roaming around in a very narrow space. However if you find the time to go there, try and visit this little stall at the far back of the underground stable market. The elderly gentleman who owns it loves to talk about books and he always gives me brilliant recommendations based on what I like. He also doesn’t mind if you just want to roam the shelves undisturbed for an hour.
You can find almost everything here, from novels, poetry, old travel logs to old anatomy books. Obviously all the books are second (or third/fourth/fifth) hand, but that allows you to find editions you couldn’t really get anywhere else. I’m really not one of the people who condemn modern book stores or online stores, because I order my books online or buy them in big chain stores just like everyone else, simple due to availability, but rummaging through the shelves in this little stall while being surrounded by this distinctive smell of old books makes it a completely different shopping experience. I could always stay there for hours and just get lost in looking at all the beautiful books.


This time I only left with the five wonderful books you can see in the picture on the right, but I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in town.  If you ever happen to be in London, I strongly recommend that you visit this lovely stall at the stable market and treat yourself with a few of those treasures 🙂

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I like old books and I cannot lie.

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  1. TyCobbsTeeth

    I love looking through shelves of old books, but I’m afraid the trip to this store is a little longer than I can make right now. To feed my old book hunger — I frequent used books stores and sales, which are fund raising for charity. They offer a smorgasbord of experienced novels.
    Thanks for following me. I’m going to poke around your blog a bit — it looks interesting.

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